Don’t you already have enough information from similar previous studies?

Although pertinent information from prior studies will be incorporated in the Environmental Impact Statement for the Tri-County Access Study, under the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the EIS process is the only means through which a decision can be made. The TCA study’s expansive public involvement program is designed to encourage maximum input to the EIS process from the public and all involved parties. The EIS is a document that contains all the information FHWA, the Tollway, and IDOT need to make a formal decision on the Preferred Alternative. This decision will ultimately be documented in a Record of Decision (ROD) by FHWA,  Prior studies, including the Blue Ribbon Advisory Council (BRAC), IL 120 Unified Vison Plan, the IL 53 Feasibility Analysis, and the Lake County Transportation Improvement Project, either focused on a single alternative, require updated information, or were never completed.

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